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Palm Trees

My Story

Born in Germany and raised in northern Virginia, I felt from an early age that the world was my oyster.   And the pull of foreign shores soon followed...   


At the age of 24, I left the US to live in Australia for several years then spent the following 3 decades traveling and living in the Caribbean, Europe, England, New Zealand and, again and again... Southeast Asia.   I presently split my time between the US and Thailand.

After leaving my previous career in the international yachting industry  (based in the Mediterranean and Caribbean) I turned my passion and hobby into a business.  A keen interest in antiquities and cultural treasures with a passion for handwoven textiles culminated in a vast collection of both rare, antique and modern SE Asian textiles, which I sold to museum & luxury gift shops in Italy, France and the Caribbean.  My first public exhibition was held at the Condado Vanderbilt Hotel, San Juan, Puerto Rico presenting fine handwoven textiles and gemstone jewelry.  It was there that I realized people really loved what I loved and my entrepreneural spirit was ignited.   


My love of nature is embedded in each design - everything is from a natural source (pure cotton & silk, natural gemstones, silver & gold) and my long-held love affair with tropical locales reigns clear.  Imbued with a distinct summer resort lifestyle feel, my clothes and accessories appeal to the eco-conscious woman who values quality and natural beauty while delighting in the blissful comfort and flattering feminity they offer.



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